Paolo Rodaro, proud embodiment of the family’s sixth generation of winegrowers, is the owner and winemaker of the winery that bears his surname.
Strong-willed, with the forthright character typical of Friulan farmer families, he has chosen to follow his own ideas of quality, striding down those pathways that few others have tread, quite independent of market demands or current trends.

His curiosity and uncompromising self-criticism constantly spur him towards further research; his instincts, thirst for knowledge, and felicitous ideas inspire him to experiment with novel fermentation methods.   

The heritage passed down from generations of family history have imparted a strong sense of responsibility, reflected in the dedicated commitment he displays in his care for the vineyards and in his production of wines classic to the area. 

His frank smile breaks out when he reflects on his vision of winemaking in the Colli Orientali and when he shares his expertise with those want to absorb, like him, a passion for wine, standing next to him in the barrel room, or within the walls of his home, where a guest is always welcome.  


RODARO PAOLO - Via Cormòns 60, Località Spessa, Cividale del Friuli (UD) 33043, Friuli Venezia Giulia ITALY T./F. +39-0432-716066
Mail: Pec: - P.IVA 02595160306 - C.F. RDRPLA58B27L483J
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