An intimate bond with nature and its cycles has made the Rodaro family even more aware of the climate changes that are currently taking place: in the Colli Orientali, over the past 40 years, the start of the harvest has advanced by over 20 days. When Paolo was a child, in fact, the picking of Tocai grapes began in the first days of October, while in the last few years, the harvest of the same grapes is over in early September. In 2018, however, it took place even earlier, in the last days of August.  

Fully conscious of this situation, the Rodaros have deepened their respect for and protection of both the community and the environment. The commitment they have demonstrated to sustainability has been widely recognized for several years, with tributes from Touring Club Italiano and the Ecofriendly certificate granted by Vini Buoni d’Italia. In addition, the Integrated Crop Management National Quality System (SQNPI), certified by CEVIQ (Certification of Quality Italian Wines and Products), has certified the sustainability of our vineyards and wines, achieved through integrated pest management with low environmental impact   

The Rodaro winery operates within the parameters of sustainability by: 

  1. Utilizing clean energy: renewable energy from our solar panel installation helps to supply the energy needs of the wine cellar and to limit CO2 emissions into the atmosphere; 

  1. Adopting practices that ensure sustainability of the vineyards: for over 15 years, the winery has been a partner in an Italy-wide project, inspired by European Union Directive 2009/128, aimed at avoiding the use of synthetic-chemical insecticides and fungicides, and at reducing crop-cultivation impacts in the Colli Orientali del Friuli area;  

  1. Utilizing in the vineyards wooden support posts that come from the surrounding estate woods;  

  1. Preferring animal-produced fertilizers brought in from the area’s animal-raising facilities; 

  1. Recovering water from the lake at the foot of the hill in the estate for irrigating the vineyards, which can also be done manually in particularly dry years;  

  1. Planting new disease-resistant varieties that do not require anti-pest treatments; 

  1. Selecting certified partners, coherent with a love for life and desire to give added value to the winery; relationships with suppliers that share our values are indispensable for evolving and walking down the path of “respect for present and future generations.”   

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